May 03 2018On Wednesday the Legal Resources Centre Abrahams Kiewitz Inc and Richard Spoor Attorneys on behalf of thousands of mineworkers reached a historic class action settlement with the Occupational Lung Disease (OLD) Working Group representing African Rainbow Minerals Anglo American SA AngloGold Ashanti Gold Fields Harmony Sibanye Stillwater and Pan African Sep 29 2009Why are miners in southern Africa at high risk of tuberculosis? The mining industry is among southern Africa's largest employers particularly in the Republic of South Africa where one of every ten employed men (at least 500 000 men) mines for gold diamonds or other minerals [2 3] The South African government reports the incidence of tuberculosis to be as high as 7 000 cases per

SENS Harmony's acquisition of Mponeng and Mine Waste

Harmony has demonstrated its ability to increasing the life of mines it operates in South Africa – sustaining the mine communities surrounding the mining operations preserving jobs and further unlocking value for its shareholders through increased grades and stronger margins" Peter Steenkamp chief executive officer of Harmony said

Jan 22 2009This together with the dust control in South African mines had led to the statement that no one has died of silicosis during the past ten years [I]t can now be stated that in South African Gold Mines no one today dies from silicosis but many die with silicosis 56 In that year the Chamber's own returns had one black miner dying of silicosis

There are about 500 000 mineworkers in South Africa where gold mine workers have a TB incidence rate of 2 500-3 000/100 000 people a rate that is 10 times higher than the rate that the World Health Organization classifies as an emergency

Headquartered in Vancouver Canada B2Gold Corp is the world's new senior gold producer Founded in 2007 today B2Gold has five operating gold mines and numerous exploration and development projects in various countries including Nicaragua the Philippines Namibia Mali Burkina Faso Colombia and Finland With the large low-cost Fekola Mine now in production B2Gold is well positioned in

Kew G Ehrlich R I Fitness to Work Disability and Compensation In Guild R Ehrlich RI Johnston JR Ross MH eds Handbook of Occupational Health Practice in the South African Mining Industry 1st edition Johannesburg South Africa Safety In Mines Research Advisory Committee (SIMRAC) 2001 257


At least 8 000 Zimbabweans who worked in South African gold mines during the 1960s will this week inch closer to receiving millions in compensation and unclaimed benefits from six gold mining companies in line with a court ruling made last year It is understood that some of the former Witwatersrand

disablement would not also qualify for compensation - cf Workmen's Compensation Commissioner v Van Zyl 1996(3) SA 757 (A) ) It seems equally clear that the disease had to be a scheduled one and that the respondent's status as a workman and the existence of such disease had to coincide

Jul 06 2011South African miners face an epidemic of occupational lung diseases Despite a plethora of research on the mining industry and the gold mining industry in particular research impact (including disease surveillance) on policy implementation and occupational

It is intended as a case study of the implications of harmonization of two disparate compensation systems for occupational lung disease specifically in relation to equity in financial benefits equity in coverage linkage of compensation to disease prevention and efficient administration South Africa's gold mines and the politics of

Objectives In South Africa chronic obstructive airway disease (COAD) which could be due to working in a dusty atmosphere in scheduled mines or works is a compensatable disease Miners are compensated for in-life respiratory disability and for findings at autopsy of COAD which includes emphysema bronchitis assessed by mucus gland

South Africa and other major mining countries is the depth of gold mines the labour intensiveness of gold and platinum mining and the large number of workers on a single mine (the last presents significant organizational and logistical challenges) In contrast Australian mines are more mechanized and fewer people are directly exposed to

May 03 2018For the companies in the Working Group this represents a huge step towards their previously stated goal of a comprehensive solution to issues relating to compensation for occupational lung disease in the gold mining industry in South Africa that is both fair to past present and future gold mining employees and also sustainable for the sector

May 03 2018May 3 2018 (Washington D C ) - Hausfeld is proud to announce a groundbreaking settlement on behalf of Southern African gold miners suffering from occupational lung disease that was finalized today in Johannesburg South Africa

Research Three Decades of Silicosis Disease Trends at

Met h o d s South African miners and ex-miners are eligible for autopsy examination for occupational lung disease regardless of the clinical cause of death and the families of deceased mine workers may receive compensation from the government of South Africa

Gold mine workers or their dependants (wife partner children) if the mineworker has passed away might be eligible for compensation if the mineworker got sick with silicosis or certain types of tuberculosis caused by his or her work at certain gold mines at any time after 12 March 1965

to generate centralised database to record the occurrence of occupational diseases in the South African mining industry together with the morbidity and mortality of such diseases The database is used by the Mine Health and Safety Inspectorate for research purposes This research helps to identify and classify problem areas in occupational disease

Journal of Occupational Accidents 1(1976/1977)17193 171 Eisevier Scientific Publishing Company Amsterdam Printed in The Netherlands HEAT STRESS IN WITWATERSRAND GOLD MINES M J MARTINSON Senior Lecturer Department of Mining Engineering University of the Witwatersrand 1 Jan Smuts Avenue Johannesburg 2001 (South Africa) (Received December 10th 1975) ABSTRACT

Mar 19 2011A recent report from the United Nations Office of Humanitarian Affairs details how the majority of South African gold miners do not receive money for lung problems they have obtained from years of working in hazardous conditions South Africa has laws that allow sick miners to sue their former employers under the South Africa's Occupational Diseases in Mines and Works Act but

The incidence of mesothelioma in South Africa ranks among the highest in the world The hefty mesothelioma count stems from the country's extensive history of asbestos mining and production over more than a century South Africa reports approximately 200 cases of mesothelioma

Jan 24 2013The first theme addresses trends in silicosis in the South African gold-mining industry over a period of 33 years and the second explores the potential for occupational respiratory disease in the under-researched platinum- and diamond-mining sectors

Jan 19 2017The 2016 statistics suggest that the major gold and platinum mines remain the main contributors to accidents and the subsequent loss of lives This is regrettable as we believe that these mines should be at the forefront in terms of the development of appropriate systems and expertise to enhance health and safety

The injuries that are sustained and diseases that are diagnosed impact on worker compensation THE COMPENSATION FOR OCCUPATIONAL INJURIES AND DISEASES ACT 130 OF 1993 In South Africa the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act or COIDA came into effect on 1 March 1994 It replaced the old Workemen's Compensation Act (WCA)

Jan 19 2017The 2016 statistics suggest that the major gold and platinum mines remain the main contributors to accidents and the subsequent loss of lives This is regrettable as we believe that these mines should be at the forefront in terms of the development of appropriate systems and expertise to enhance health and safety