Jan 10 2020Tin is most often produced from the mineral cassiterite which is made up of about 80% tin Most tin is found in alluvial deposits riverbeds and former riverbeds as a result of erosion of ore bodies containing the metal China and Indonesia are currently the world's largest producers In Nigeria trona is widely found along the chad basin areas of Borno Yobe and Adamawa stats trona Mining of trona which mainly in Borno and Yobe states are still in small scale and the heavy metals like copper selenium and zinc are essential to maintain the metabolism of human body

Selenium Toxicity to Honey Bee (Apis mellifera L

Selenium (Se) is a metalloid that occurs naturally in certain alkaline soils from shale deposits of prehistoric inland seas Agricultural water drainage dissolves Se from these naturally seleniferous soils and has caused the buildup of selenate (SeO 4 2−) the predominant and bioavailable form of Se

free geography project topics and materials in nigeria earth-space rain attenuation prediction for lagos at ku band spatial analysis of site suitability for waste water treatment plant in kano metropolis nigeria an assessment of the perception of local farmers

Apr 25 2016By Dr Mercola Selenium is an essential mineral found in varying concentrations in soil It's found in foods such as Brazil nuts sunflower seeds and garlic but the amount in any given food depends on the selenium content of the soil in which it was grown

Ecosystem in Nigeria M A OLADE Geology Department University of Ibadan Nigeria ABSTRACT Primary ores and naturally enriched rocks constitute one of the main sources of anomalous metal concentrations in the environment In the search for economic mineral deposits geochemists have delineated areas where excesses of such heavy

The selenium content of plants in most soils is less than 1 mg plants and how the nutrients are stored and translocated inside the different plant selenium content of different plants - Zenith mining Free Selenium Training | No Automated Testing So what could be the solution

Occurrence and Distribution of Arsenic Antimony and

Arsenic antimony and selenium contamination of groundwater is of great concern due to the potential detrimental effects to human health Objectives This study investigates the occurrence and distribution of arsenic antimony and selenium in the shallow groundwater system of Ibadan metropolis southwestern Nigeria Methods

including those in Udege of Nasarawa State Nigeria Columbite the ore of niobium is derived from the older granite pegmatites commonly occurs as massive dull iron-black lumps and crystals containing varying amounts of tantalum Mechanized mining in Nigeria started around 1939 through private owned foreign companies

Literature Review - Selenium Chemistry of selenium Selenium is a metalloid located in period IV and group VI of the periodic table It has atomic number 34 and mass number of 79 with oxidation states of +6 +5 +4 +3 +2 +1 and -1 [] It rarely occurs in its elemental state in nature or as pure ore compounds [] Selenium forms two oxides selenium dioxide and selenium trioxide

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Uranium (U) Solid Minerals Endowed States In Nigeria Uranium is one of the natural resources in Nigeria it is a predominant mineral that can be found in Africa and while some countries like South Africa Namibia and even Niger have been into the proper mining of this mineral it has remained untapped in Nigeria and some other Africa

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Coal mining processing plant in Nigeria This coal mining project is an open pit mine located in Nigeria announced by mining company - Western Goldfields - that it has discovered 62 400 000 tonnes of proven reserves of coal deposits worth US$1 2 billion which could be used for

There are many sources of underground water in the Middle Benue Trough which have varying composition and constituents Water samples from saline springs boreholes hand-dug wells and rivers / streams from the Middle Benue Trough are collected and analysed for cations anions and heavy metals using atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) with aim of determining the concentration of the

Magnesium Rich Foods

The Best Magnesium-Rich Foods For Optimal Health According to a study by the National Institutes of Health up to 68% of Americans are magnesium deficient In fact some experts put that number closer to 80%! So are you getting enough? Discover the TOP magnesium-rich foods and how to easily add them to your meals Plus learn why this mineral is essential to your diet

Arsenic antimony and selenium contamination of groundwater is of great concern due to the potential detrimental effects to human health Objectives This study investigates the occurrence and distribution of arsenic antimony and selenium in the shallow groundwater system of Ibadan metropolis southwestern Nigeria Methods

Apr 25 2019Findings of this study revealed that Sample B was a better source of selenium than the foreign rice variety unlike samples C and D Going by the requirement for selenium (50–100 g per day) the range of selenium in these rice varieties could also be considered to be within the normal range The range of Cu was obtained as 0 51–0 94 mg/kg

The top 15 foods highest in minerals include nuts dark leafy greens beans seeds shellfish fish mushrooms whole grains low-fat dairy beef and lamb whole grains avocados cheese dried fruits and tofu For more check the extended list of mineral rich foods and the most nutritious foods lists

Selenium is a chemical element with the symbol Se and atomic number 34 It is a nonmetal (more rarely considered a metalloid) with properties that are intermediate between the elements above and below in the periodic table sulfur and tellurium and also has similarities to arsenic It rarely occurs in its elemental state or as pure ore compounds in the Earth's crust

Introduction Although reports are conflicting on arsenic-selenium interactions there is paucity of data on the determinants of plasma selenium (Se) and arsenic (As) in healthy individuals in Ebonyi State South Eastern Nigeria Ebonyi State is richly endowed with mineral deposits which are mined without consideration of their health hazards

Those anthropogenic activities which are sources of Se include coal and oil combustion mining activities the utilization of rock phosphates as a fertilizer and the application of sewage sludge to agricultural land It was thought that selenium was a toxicant for a

Jan 01 2017Selenium (Se) exhibits a "double-edged" behavior in animal and human nutrition It is a micronutrient required in low concentrations by animals and humans but toxic at high concentrations Selenium deficiency has been associated with cancer and other health problems Selenium requirements are commonly met through soils and plants such as wheat rice vegetables and maize

In the early period of mining REEs they were mined primarily from placer deposits which are mineral accumulations in rivers and on beaches Placer deposits form when minerals are separated by density as lighter minerals remain suspended and more dense minerals are deposited along the riverbed

Economic development in Nigeria although has been rocked back and forth by various political socio-cultural financial and infrastructural setbacks the economic development of a country like Nigeria can't be said to have totally been where it used to be or to have back tracked as some people insinuate