Drill Tech's Mining Tunneling Division have been involved in numerous public and private projects including the Two Mile Bar Tunnel for the Oakdale Irrigation District Tunnel Stabilization Phases 1 2 4 for the South Coast Water District in Laguna Beach and various projects at the Barrick Cortez Hills Underground Mine in Nevada Products and Applications - Construction Mining and Utility Equipment In I develop business such as the construction machines such as an excavating equipment or the forklift trucks a heavy industrial machine the industrial equipment in global

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TBMs have become well accepted in civil construction tunneling and excavate a high percentage of civil construction projects each year But each year in the mining industry far more kilometers of tunnels are excavated for mining purposes than for civil purposes The amount of tunnels needed for mining operations is staggering

CMM manufactures jumbos drilling bolting scalers personal transport core drills HF installers and segments of carriers trucks turners Anfo/Anol charges nacelles all models slides underground roller bridge and all kind of equipment for mining and tunneling works

In most of the cases tunnel construction is expensive but it saves time and provides comfort Large excavation of soil or rock etc is necessary for a tunnel construction With the availability of modern equipment excavation and backfilling has become easier Tunnels can be used for roadways railways and even as waterways also

The roadway layout and mining-tunneling mode of PRMT are different from the traditional remaining coal pillar mining method and gob-side entry retaining mining method In this method a series of key technologies and supporting equipment are used to integrate coal mining and roadway tunneling

The TBMs boring the Thames Tideway project are 12 5km through the 25km-long 7m-diameter project As well as the main tunnel a 1km-long 3m-diameter connection tunnel is also currently under construction in Wandsworth at the western end of the project

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Meet the highest standarts of mining and tunnel construction safety with modern equipment and software by PBE Group Safety is a top priority for your team? Meet the highest standarts of mining and tunnel construction safety with modern equipment and software by PBE Group

Tunneling and mining requires some of the toughest equipment in the world that can only be produced through expert engineering and manufacturing processes Huatai is a professional manufacturer of a wide range of tunneling and mining instruments with years of experience developing some of the strongest and most precise equipment on the market

Maxon offers equipment and assistance in engineering a complete concrete placing system for tunneling mining and shotcrete applications Maxon offers equipment and assistance in engineering a complete concrete placing system for tunneling mining and shotcrete applications

Road headers are indispensable equipment for infrastructure construction for road tunnels railroad tunnels dam headrace tunnels coal-mine drifts etc We developed various tunneling and mining equipment based on our great experience in coal mining Nowadays our equipment is widely used in various fields all over the world

Eight tunnel boring machines created tunnels for a modern rail network in London Mining Technology Mechanized tunnelling increases mining efficiency Learn more ProductDetail Raise Boring Rig (RBR) Specifically designed tunnelling equipment for Europe-wide unique environmental and sewage project Learn more

MTC is your specialist equipment hire service for the underground mining and tunnelling sector We offer an extensive range of ready-to-go underground mining and tunnelling equipment and parts at all times Best of all if we don't have the exact part or piece of equipment you need we will do our best to source it for you via our extensive

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Mining and Tunnelling Significant risks remain in the mining and tunnelling industry Personal escape re-breather apparatus and gas detection remains standard equipment for such work Typically fixed gas detection systems are present and emergency response teams will use specialist long duration breathing apparatus for emergency rescue

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Thanks to many years of being a mining equipment manufacturer and thanks to the years of experience gained through working in the field we are able to offer proffessional line of underground mining machinery using modern technology designed by our team of highly qualified specialists

Lind Equipment has always built portable lighting designed for the toughest workplaces and it is hard to find an industry tougher than tunneling and mining With this in mind we've designed and built a suite of LED lighting that will meet any application while providing the highest amount of benefit for the tunneling and mining industry

Normet provides demanding solutions for selected customer processes in underground mining and tunnelling Normet develops manufactures and markets equipment and vehicles for mining and underground construction as well as provides a comprehensive range of life time care services around the equipment and the processes of their purpose

Geoform is a Canadian supplier of specialty products for the tunnelling mining and construction industries We supply underground equipment rock support products waterproofing systems mine and tunnel fans and ducting as well as mobile expandable containers/trailers

When explosives are handled only acceptable portable lighting equipment may be used within 50 feet of any underground heading For general tunneling operations a minimum illumination intensity of 5 foot-candles must be maintained although 10 footcandles must be provided for shaft heading during drilling mucking and scaling

's tunnel equipment provide an efficient reliable cost-effective and lower-risk method of removing material from tunneling excavation sites We are a worldwide leader in the manufacture and sale of conveyors designed and built to withstand the harsh conditions of tunnel construction