ROTAMAT Rotary Drum Fine Screen Ro 2 / Perforated Plate Screen RPPSRPPS Reliable and well-proven inlet screen for municipal sewage treatment plants and industrial wastewater and process water screening with wedge or perforated plate Depending on the screen bar spacing (0 5 - 6 mm) and screen size (screen basket diameter of up to 3000 mm Designs and fabricates bar screens rake screens stair screens rotary drum screens grit classifiers grit washers rotary drum thickeners and shaftless screw conveyors View Vulcan's site RW Gate Company Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Sluice gates channel gates weir gates flap gates telescoping valves stop logs and aluminum

Rotary drum screen

The rotary fine screen has a mechanical overload protection device When the grille wheel is seriously overloaded the overload protection device will start If there are a lot of fibers in the effluent rather rotary drum screen than rotary bar grille is recommended

Wastewater Bar Screen For Your Toughest Headworks Challenge The highly efficient Bar Screen Monster is specifically designed to quickly and efficiently remove large slugs of debris coming down the channel This heavy duty screen uses a reciprocating rake to clean the mechanical bar screen and pull out debris in headworks and pump stations

Wedge Wire Screens We are pleased to introduce JAGTAP Engineering Works as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Wedge Wire Filtration products Our company is counted among the well known manufacturers suppliers and exporters of Welded Wedge Wire Screens These products are fabricated with the help of latest technology to make sure their adherence with quality norms

2018 screen machine 4043t manufacturer screen machine model 4043t very well maintained one owner 2018 4043t impact crusher was used for one project crushing limestone strong c 93b 376 tier iv final 40'' x 13 ' grizzly feeder 40'' x 43'' rotor with good blow bars aprons

OR-TEC Micro Bar Screens The worlds only superfine mechanical bar screen with openings down to 1mm Learn More About this product Screens and Grit OR-TEC Rotary Brush Screen Screw Screens Tank Screens Vertical Screens OR-TEC equipment factory reconditioned tested and warrantied


Wawcon has made several types of front cleaning mechanical type bar screens with openings form " and up Although we have made cantenary and climbing screens the main one we manufacture is a standard front cleaning screen with dual stainless steel chains Please click on image to enlarge

Manual Bar Screen – BAR SCREEN Vertical Bar Screen XS – VERTI SCREEN Vertical Bar Screen XL – VERTI SCREEN Equipment Project Services Your Message Find us EQUIPWATER 1 Rue des Epinettes Building 25 77200 Torcy ROTARY SCREEN Septage Acceptance Unit – EQUIP SEP Static Screen – STATIC SCREEN

Smith Loveless can also provide single or double arm rotary raked bar screens for the most economical screening solutions Mark IX-A™ Mechanical Bar Screen Designed for small to medium-sized wastewater treatment facilities the distinctive SL SCHLOSS™Mark IX-A™ coarse bar screen delivers remarkably reliable screening perfomance with

Our new Screenco screen is a dream to use There are no moving parts and the screen surface area is large enough to complete a difficult dump while dealing with heavy trash The setup is user friendly and clean and the small footprint of the equipment allows so much flexibility in the arrangement of equipment

SEFT is a company that designs dwg manufacturing and sells machines automatic equipment for the screening in wastewater treatment plants As Bar Screen all our productions can be standard or customizable and adaptable to the individual needs of solid liquid separation

This mechanical rotary fine bar screen is an overall net composed of several small teeth Under the driving by chain it does screen work from bottom to top It discharges dregs by means of self-weight of screening and removal device This machine adopts fully-automatic control It can still work even if there is no one keeping it

Rotary drum screens used as efficient fine screens in wastewater treatment plants There are two main types of drum screens internally drum screen and externally drum screen Wastewater is fed into the internally fed drum screen then dust is captured in the drum With the help of inner helezon fine particles are getting out of the equipment

The various types of bar screens are of robust design and made of high grade materials Vertical screens are arranged across the channel and dead plate fix area is between the top of the bars and it is the discharge point of the debris At the discharge point wiper blade to push the debris is fixed and it is fallen to the discharge chute

Raptor Rotary Strainer Screen

Raptor Rotary Strainer Screen The Raptor Rotary Strainer Screen is an externally fed rotating fine screen in a self-contained tank assembly The horizontal cylinder is comprised of heavy-duty wedge wire with opening sizes between 0 010 inches to 0 10 inches that covers various applications from municipal wastewater fine screening to industrial processes

The profile of bar screen is such that it helps in capturing small size waste A self- cleaning screen spray wash is not necessary Bar spacing of 2 3 or 6mm Can be installed in smalled plants and in stainless steel tanks No rotary parts are in contact with waste water

CFH serial rotary bar screen is ideal intercept dirt solid -liquid device in water source inlet for medium and large solid waste which can continuous automatic eliminate all kinds of figure sundries in the fluid which can as a special equipment widely used in urban sewage treatment water supply industry electric plant water inlet at the same time it can be as a essential special equipment in the production

The WTR Talon Rake (monorail-based automatic water rake machine) and bar screens are one of the most economical means of protecting downstream equipment such as traveling water screens drum screens or pumps Talon Rakes can be used in all types of applications where debris accumulation on the bar screens is common and protection

All ROTAMAT screens work according to the unique and patented system that has been sold for more than a thousand installations worldwide Depending on the screen size and bar spacing throughputs of up to approx 3000 l/s (10 800 m/h) per unit can be achieved The screens can

The In Channel Drum Screen is suitable for treating flow rates up to 50 mgd per screen Principle of Operation In channel perforated rotary drum screens are used to improve the suspended solids capture rate in wastewater treatment plants from the typical 10-20% range of course bar screens

One distinct feature of the ProTechtor™ Multi-Rake Bar Screen is the individual "bolt-in" replaceable bars If there is damage to the bar rack each individual bar can be quickly and easily replaced with simple hand tools Climber Screens Kusters WasteTech Climber Screens Step Screens Kusters WasteTech Step Screens Rotary Drum Screens

The Grizzly Screen is a rugged high capacity primary scalper designed for use on openings from 2-8 inches Its simple heavy-duty construction provides outstanding performance at a low cost Effective vigorous vibration handles large tonnages under severe operating conditions