A Coalition of Non-Governmental Organisations fighting against mining in the Atewa Forest Reserve has organised a media briefing to update Ghanaians on the current state of activities in the reserve The Atewa Range in the Eastern Region is only one of two such forests left in Ghana GIADEC also stated that 'strip mining' will be used as 'best practice' instead of 'open-pit mining' to 'reduce noise dust and the mining footprint' but the Coalition says that it is not a choice saying Strip Mining is the only technique available for mining Ghana's bauxite because it lies


Gold mining in Ghana's forest reserves A report on the current debate Area 38(2) 175–185 CrossRef Google Scholar Kapoor D (2007) Subaltern social movement learning and the decolonization of space in India Rethinking the role of foreign direct Pun V K (2009) NGO-Community Partnerships PAR and Learning in Mining Struggles

The Atewa Range Forest Reserve (Atewa) one of the forest reserves within Upper Guinea Hotspot covers a total land area of 263km2 and represents about 33 5% of the remaining closed forest in Ghanas Eastern Region The ownership of the Atewa Range Forest Reserve is vested in the President of the Republic of Ghana in trust of the Akyem Abuakwa

Nov 16 2016A group of civil society organisations has called on the President and the National Security Council to take urgent steps to halt mining in forest reserves The group made up of WACAM Forest Watch Ghana Kasa Initiative Ghana and 76 other NGOs in a joint statement issued on Tuesday November 15 2016 indicated that forest reserves including

Report on the State of the World's Forest Genetic Resources The content and the structure are in accordance with the recommendations and guidelines given by FAO in the document Guidelines for Preparation of Country Reports for the State of the World's Forest Genetic Resources (2010) These guidelines set out

In Ghana two non-governmental organizations (NGOs) Rocha Ghana and Concerned Citizens of Atewa Landscape (CCLA) have asked the government to designate Atewa Forest Reserve as a national park NGOs have asked the government to review the situation to allow mining in the Atewa forest

Stop misinforming Ghanaians on social and environmental

Dec 09 2019General News of Monday 9 December 2019 Source peacefmonline 2019-12-09 Atewa forest (file photo) The Coalition of NGOs against mining ATEWA (CONAMA) is demanding the Ghana Integrated Aluminium Development Corporation (GIADEC) to stop misinforming the Ghanaian Public on the bauxite development agenda GIADEC on December 2019 held a media engagement

Jun 20 2003INTRODUCTON Gold a mining resource buried deep under the forest reserve of Ghana is to be mined only after getting all stakeholders (government citizens shareholders environmentalists mining companies) to agree on the most effective means of exploitation to minimize the negative impact of mining on the environment

A Coalition of Non-Governmental Organisations fighting against mining in the Atewa Forest Reserve has organised a media briefing to update Ghanaians on the current state of activities in the reserve The Atewa Range in the Eastern Region is only one of two such forests left in Ghana

Coalition of NGOs Against Mining in Atewa Forest 10 Wawa Street Kokomlemle Accra The Hon Speaker Parliament of the 4TH Republic of Ghana Parliament House Osu-Accra Hon Speaker INVOKING PARLIAMENTS OVERSIGHT ROLE AS REPRESENTATIVES OF THE PEOPLE IN THE PROPOSED MINING OF ATEWA FOREST RESERVE FOR BAUXITE

Dec 17 2019General News of Tuesday 17 December 2019 Source Alhaji Saani 2019-12-17 Atewa Range Forest Reserve The Coalition of NGOs against mining Atewa Forest (CONAMA) is urging government to act consistently with Vice President Bawumia's advice that market actors should be guided by social and environmental sustainability in decision-making and recognize the risks to financial

As a group (Coalition of NGO's Against Mining in Atewa - CONAMA) we are therefore not oblivious of the benefits of mining and do not stand opposed to mining except when it has to do with arguably 'Ghana's most valuable' and ecologically sensitive forest reserve like the Atewa Forest Reserve

REPUBLIC OF GHANA FOR AN ADDITIONAL FINANCING FOR GHANA FOREST INVESTMENT PROGRAM (FIP) - ENHANCING NATURAL FOREST AND AGROFOREST LANDSCAPES PROJECT April 30 2018 Environment and Natural Resources Global Practice Africa Region This document has a restricted distribution and may be used by recipients only in the

A coalition of 13 Ghanaian organisations need a global outpouring of citizen support for forest reserve protection The Ghanaian coalition that opposes mining in the forest reserves is working with villagers on a variety of projects for sustainable economic development as an alternative to mining

Protect Forest Reserves Keep Mining Companies Out in Ghana

Protect Forest Reserves Keep Mining Companies Out in Ghana * Ask them to open a national discussion on the issue of mining in the forest reserves because Ghanaian citizens and NGOs should participate in a decision that affects the country's greatest natural resource and the welfare of future generations * Tell him you support a

The NGO- which is on a campaign to protect the Atewa Forest Reserve and its water bodies- believes that the forest range holds a more lucrative potential than hosting a rather dangerous extractive activity such as mining According to the NGO the forest was a headwater for three key rivers in Ghana the Densu Ayensu and the Birim and

Civic Response is a Ghanaian NGO founded in 2003 We improve democratic governance in the forest sector by empowering communities to hold the government and companies to account Civic Response work on illegal mining In 2016 Ghana's forest reserves saw unprecedented threats from surface mining

Sep 08 2019KUMASI Ghana — The West African country of Ghana is known for having rich natural resources including vast tracts of rainforest But its primary forest has all but vanished with what remains generally relegated to reserves scattered throughout the country's southern third These reserves are under official protection

These reserves are the Sui River Forest Reserve Suhuma Forest Reserve Tano Ehuro Forest Reserve Tano Suhien Forest Reserve and Santomang Forest Reserves The NGO named illegal mining farming and the encroachment of forest reserves as some of the factors for the destruction of the forest reserves

Nov 13 2019International movie star Leonardo DiCaprio who is also an environmentalist dedicated to the protection and wellbeing of all earth's inhabitants has kicked against President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his government's plan to mine bauxite in the Atewa forest reserve in Ghana's Eastern Region The actor who played a lead role in the movie 'Titanic' said the forest is at risk of